General Catchup

March 26, 2015 00:43
By Claw

So we have been rather quiet with information coming from the staff in the last few weeks, so here is a general catchup with what has been happening.

  • The Main Campaing on Altis has been put on standby

The main reason for this, is so we can take the community to new locations and try some new styles of combat. It also allows the Campaign Dev Team to sit down and work out where we want to go with the Campaign in the future. This brings us to...

  • We are doing some mini series side campaigns

This will allow us to make the missions we are doing as enjoyable to play as the Main Campaign missions, but won't require us to think months in advanced in terms of where to go and what to do

  • The 8 man Sections

This seems to be going rather well in terms of general feedback, however we think, as staff, that we still need some more time to work out the issues that come with a change like this before we cement it into our way of playing

  • Immersion Series

The Immersion series was started as an idea to get a different play style out of ArmA, and it has done just that. With the recent conclusion of the BAF immersion series, which caused us to look into the 8 man section setup for Tuesday Nights, we now move onto Korengal. Setkiro and Autumn are putting a lot of time into the Korengal series to make it as an authentic experiance as possible for our members

  • Weekend Operations

Thanks to members of the community outside of the staff team, we have been able to run more frequent Weekend missions, like Gadgets Patrol Ops. These tend to run on a Sunday Night and allow for more views on ways to play ArmA as a community

  • Certifications

Now we know that a few of you have been waiting for certifications for a while now, and that it only seems like a couple of the certs are still running. We are going to change this, as we believe that every cert within Reach has its place. Not unlike the Sapper Cert, which Saquesh has kindly taken some time to put together with Lunatic, which is now running more frequently
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