Community update

September 13, 2018 18:06

After 5 years of gathering together every Tuesday (or at least almost every Tuesday) it has come the time to take a look at ourselves and how we are doing. With Arma 3 getting put through its paces and most scenarios having been tried we are getting to a point where some if not most are of the opinion that Tuesday evenings just aren't very compelling anymore. A great many have come and gone and moved to other games, communities or perhaps even non gaming related activities. This has resulted in our participation numbers having a steady declining trend. It is true that in our past decisions have been made or things have been said or actions haven't been taken which have directly resulted in people leaving but for a great many it was just a case of having seen enough. Those of us that still come together every Tuesday do so for eachother. We come together to spend some time with likeminded people while doing an activity which most of us still like and none of us mind.

After discussions among staff and a consequent poll we have decided to make a few changes which will be outlined below. We hope to keep this community going if not going strong up to the release of Arma 4 where we can look to kick-start our way back to the days of 50 people attending and large scale combined arms operations.

Firstly, we will be changing the schedule for operations. Instead of every Tuesday we will be gathering together on Saturdays. Additionally, instead of gathering for an Operation every week we will be doing it every other week. Our first Operation will be on the 22nd of September. We don't intend to do separate training nights anymore, instead if we feel we need to cover some aspect or another for greater success we will have a short session at the start of an Operation. For the immediate future we will not be changing the start and end for the Operations but we do intend to extend them from one or both ends as we get an idea of what is plausible for the attending members.

Secondly, for the other Saturdays on which we don't have an Operation we plan to host community evenings. You can expect anything from Escaping Tanoa to pawning noobs in <insert game of the month> together. We haven't quite figured out the specifics for these evenings, but we will be working them out as we go. The goal, of course, is to involve everyone showing up and make sure everyone has a good time.

Thirdly, due to us having lower attendance and missions going more towards speciality tasks we are readjusting some limitations on our in-game gear restrictions. We will be slightly decreasing the limitations on scopes as well as allowing rangefinders regardless of role.

We hope to see a few of you that have left us previously for greener pastures back, share a great time and more importantly spend the time while awaiting the arrival of Arma 4.

The Staff
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