September 21st 2014 14:26 CEST
By Claw

The Reach Intel Team Update

Within the Intel Team we have members and Staff working on a tonne of things for the community
  • RMP Update
  • Reach MRAP
  • Reach Tactical Vest
  • Reach Insignias


  • The RMP update is due soon and with a few tweaks to current pack. Release Date still to be set

  • The MRAP is by far the biggest and toughest project our mod team have been working on. All thats left is a few minor tweaks to the coding and to texture the beast
  • Reach Tactical Vests
    model is complete and we are now working on the textures and weighting, how it moves with the player

  • The Reach Rank Insignia mod is Complete and ready to roll out with the RMP update
September 11th 2014 07:51 CEST


Last night we celebrated our first birthday since leaving Forgotten Honor and going it alone. Exactly one year ago, on Tuesday September 10th right after our op finished, we revealed the new website to the community and opened sign ups. Moving away from the resources and infrastucture of FH was a brave and exciting decision but one that we felt would benefit the community no end. Here, one year later we have one of the friendliest and most enjoyable communities I've ever been involved with and it wouldn't be anything without you guys.

It's been a ride with ups and downs, from Bohemia breaking their own game and triggers failing (or multiplying!) to truly epic team moments (Molos airfield assault anyone?), adding Task Force Arrowhead for the first time and being blown away by the directional sound, seeing our FTLs and Squad Leads move up and the constant surprises the mission makers throw at us. Whatever we do it never gets boring and with an incredible amount of help and support from everyone involved with this community we can take it into another year of exciting firefights, tense stealth missions and explosive combined arms action.

Thanks to all the staff and in fact everyone who has extended a helping hand over the last twelve months or turned up for events. Whether it's from making the Tuesday nights happen every week, finding and ensuring the mods are both tested thoroughly and compiled, knowledge is shared and courses are taught and new recruits are welcomed like old friends, and most importantly thanks to those who turn up week after week without fail through thick and thin.

Here's to another year!
August 19th 2014 09:50 CEST

Some of you may have noticed overnight the Altis Campaign Medal appearing in your inboxes. This medal is a decoration for the members of our community who have attained a 60% or above attendance record over the time they have fought with us on our Tuesday evening campaign missions. (You must have a fought a minimum of four operations with us to be eligible for the medal).

Over the last year we've had a tremendous amount of fun (and sometimes stress ;) ) running the Tuesday night sessions and none of it would be possible without you guys attending week after week! This is our thanks to you for sticking with it through thick and thin and making Reach what it is. Here's to you guys!

Altis Campaign Medal

The medal currently displays on your website profile, for instance mine can be seen at -

if you'd like to display this in your signature on the forums please see the forum thread >here<
August 12th 2014 21:43 CEST

DATE: 17.01.2036

TO:  All REF service personnel

FROM:  <General Peter Ellis>

Gentleman, may I first commend you on your unit’s sterling work in the Aegean theatre. Your job as the spearhead to the NATO force has stopped the CSAT advance in the area and has given the main NATO force a strong foothold across the whole region.

The main NATO forces can take it from here while the situation across the region is assessed. Hopefully with the CSAT advance halted, our politicians can push to open up negotiations to avoid this conflict escalating further.

New Deployment:

Your new tasking is a mission of the utmost importance and needs a force that can be trusted to operate in a very sensitive situation. You are heading back to the Eastern European Buffer-Zone (EEBZ), specifically the former state of Chernarus. You have been chosen for this deployment as your unit has first hand knowledge of the area and has the skill set to adapt in this unique political situation.
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