January 7th 2015 19:01 CET
By Claw

Hello everyone and welcome back to Reach

, We hope you all enjoyed your breaks.

With a new year comes a new Campaign and the first mission back will set the story in a way that we've never done before with previous deployments

Hope you all enjoy

The Staff
December 21st 2014 23:30 CET
By Claw

Reach Holiday Break!

Official Operations are off this week with the Holidays and New year coming in

Hope you all have a good one

See you in the new year

The Staff Team
December 9th 2014 17:28 CET
By Claw

The Official Reach Elite Forces Launcher has been released in its Alpha form.

It will auto update itself as well as keep all of the official mods we use on operations up to date.

Not only that but if we are running mods for an immersion op or side mission out with the RMP, the launcher will add a profile that you can download giving you the needed mods for that specific night

The Main page of the launcher also holds all the info you could need, from the front page news posts, to the Reach Elite Forces Calendar, that you can use to be redirected straight to the thread the scheduled event links to.

More useful stuff can be found in the help tab, including the ability to upload your ArmA 3 logs straight to the admins, so if we have a pesky crash on an op night, we can easily gather all the information without the user having to locate it
November 29th 2014 18:24 CET
By Claw

RMP V7 Changelog

Open to read more info

Reach Mods & Modified Mods:
  • Rebuild Reach Skins
  • Rebuild Reack vests, backpacks, headgear
  • Rebuild M4, HK417, L85A2, M200, Zafir
  • Increased HLC weapon weights and dispersion values to match other AR-15 variants
  • Added AGM bipod status to weapons that physically have a bipod on their model
  • Added MG4 (5.56mm LMG)
  • Added MG5 (7.62mm GPMG)

Added mods:

  • Authentic Gameplay modification (selective modules)

Updated mods:

  • Kimi's HMD

Removed Mods:

  • TMR
  • MagRepack
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