February 25th 2015 14:42 CET



For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Private First Class


For proving dedicated and showing both skill and
knowledge in the field in a multitude of scenarios.



For displaying exemplary tactical
awareness and skill in the field.

Specialist 2


For showing skill and dedication to his unit, a deep understanding
of his role and maintaining a regular training regime.
January 23rd 2015 11:25 CET

DATE: 02.03.2036

TO:  All REF service personnel

FROM:  <General Peter Ellis>


Thank you for your hard work in Chernarus gentlemen, although what you discovered during your deployment is a great cause for concern.

It would appear that CSAT had been attempting to stir up conflict in the area. We don’t believe that CSAT have the strength or conviction at present to mount a full push into europe through the former eastern block states. It is our belief that CSAT were attempting to exploit the unrest in the area to fuel an insurrection amongst the local rebel factions by arming and training the group run by the rebel leader known as The Butcher.

Thanks to your actions on the ground, this threat has been neutralised. CSAT seemed to pull their forces out of the area, using the attack on the Nimitz as a distraction. Although we cannot discount the idea that they not will try a similar tactic somewhere else along the border.

This is bad news on two counts: The chance of the war moving further westward towards central europe would cause too much instability in the area and put pressure on our european NATO partners to pull troops from the existing front line to police their own borders, thus weakening NATO as whole in the current area of conflict. The second issue would be the CRSSR taking notice. Chernarus sits right on the EEBZ and we can’t afford any sustained conflict near the border – if anything was done to provoke the CRSSR into believing the isolation treaty had been broken would have disastrous consequences, the ramifications of which don’t bear thinking about.

On that note, the incident involving the lost F18 during operation Gravitas on the 20 February, has not escalated further. We are certain that the incursion over the no fly zone has been noted by the CRSSR and we are treating this as a very serious error by your unit. Time will only tell if the actions of your unit will come back to haunt us or not.

January 16th 2015 20:53 CET
By Claw

New Update Available

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January 14th 2015 11:55 CET

Private First Class

For proving both dedication and skill
in the field.


Proving an effective Fire Team Lead and development of skill.

Specialist 2

For showing skill and knowledge on the battlefield.
Further development of skill within Fire Team Lead.

Specialist 3

For providing organisation of the medical rosters and excellent health care.

Great work guys, congratulations.
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