September 8th 2015 09:58 CEST

It is that time of the year again. This coming Thursday, Reach Elite Forces turns two and to celebrate it we have a week full of great events in Arma 3. To start it off, we'll be hosting our official anniversary event tonight, on the 8th of September! If you are a member and want to play with us, head on over to the forums and leave your name to this thread so we'll know you're coming.

But that's not all we have in store for you this week. We'll also be hosting a milsim op on Thursday, to which you can sign up in this thread. And if that's not enough for you, worry not for we've got yet another event on Saturday! Hosted by Mindstorm, you can participate in the re-run of his successful fun event from a week ago! To sign up for that mission, head over to this thread.

In addition to these three events, we've also launched our very own public server for the Exile mod. This server is open for anyone to join and you can find it by searching for in the in-game server browser. Note that the server may be down during our community operations!

Hopefully this selection includes something you will enjoy! We want to welcome you to join us in celebrating the second anniversary of Reach Elite Forces!

Here's to another year!

August 6th 2015 14:01 CEST
By Claw

Friday 7th August 1930 BST

After 2 months of planning and mission design, its time for the 24 hour operation.


1) Investigate to discover the actions of Dr. Salvo.
2) Return order to the chaos
3) Maintain peace in major control points.

Area / Terrain
Taviana, expect large open fields, dense woods and urban combat.

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August 4th 2015 21:50 CEST
By Claw



For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Congratulations guys.
August 3rd 2015 10:35 CEST

As we are coming up on our 2nd anniversary in reach we are looking to try out a few changes to the modpack. This will mainly happen in the form of AGM being replaced by ACE and TFAR being replaced by ACRE.

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