REF mod - the mod you need to download

All of the mods we use at Reach Elite Forces in one place, bundled for your convenience.

If you are a new member you may want to start here. This is a collection of every mod we use at REF and installing this will prepare you for the missions we are currently running. When there are updates to the pack, look out for a pm and notice on the forums.

Last updated on: January 14th 2016

Reach Launcher

Click below to download the Reach Launcher that handles mod delivery and launching of the game with a few easy clicks.

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Mods that are part of the REF mod

Here you'll find the list of all the individual mods we have rolled into our convenient modpack.

@REF Modpack (RMP)

The REF mod pack includes any of the mods we require for our missions.

Reach Mod pack (RMP)

Mods that are part of the modpack:
  • Community based addons
  • CUP Terrain Pack
  • Reach Infantry Skins
  • Reach Mohawk Skins
  • Reach Hellcat Skins
  • Reach Warrior Skins
  • Reach Marshall Skins
  • Reach VTOL Skins
  • TF-47 Launchers - Reach Edition
  • Reach MK200 & Reach Zafir
  • ACRE
  • TFAR - radio backpacks
  • FHQ's Accessories
  • HiddenIdentities
  • TeTeT's Nimitz
  • John's and Sauls' SU-35
  • John's and Sauls' F/A-18
  • Firewill's F-16C
  • Shactac Hud
  • Kimi's HMD
  • Accessory Functions
  • ACE
  • Reach RHS patch
  • Reach Infantry Markers
  • Reach Vehicle Markers
  • CH View Distance

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