At Reach Elite Forces our goal is to provide a continuous and evolving story within a series of campaigns across Stratis and Altis. These campaigns contain a series of 'operations' that take place over a few weeks of sessions. They are designed to be dynamic and change according to the outcome of the previous operation. Each operation involves multiple objectives, including secondary and tertiary tasks that are assigned on the fly depending on the series of events; these objectives may be persued by command or ignored entirely but they may have a bearing on what intel is gathered or what assets may be available at a later stage.


The first decade of the 21st century had shown that the fine balance of the world politically and economically was always close to turmoil. Acts of terrorism at the turn of the century had pitched the west into unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the decade continued, the motivation for the conflicts began to look less important and the reality that wars were mainly fought over territory and resources became more apparent.

Current campaign

Task Group 29 "Viper"
4 missions
Task group 29, codenamed "Viper" is the CSAT elite

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