Welcome to Reach Elite Forces, a semi realism clan that take ARMA 3 to a whole new level.

We believe that with a combination of a structured environment, organised play, proper communication and dynamic, ever evolving mission design the result is an immersive and thoroughly exciting experience for fans of the military simulation genre. You will begin your tour of duty by taking the role of a private, the lowest but by far most crucial cog in the machine. From there you are free to rank up, lead fireteams, join specialised squads like Air, Armour or Recon and eventually you could be leading the platoon yourself. There is always room to excel in whatever area you enjoy at Reach Elite Forces and the support is there to improve the areas you may not be strong with.

We run a training/operations session on a Tuesday night beginning from 1900 GMT. As explained in the Campaigns section of our website, these nights are when we take the game at it's most serious, they are usually composed of large combined arms operations that tie into a larger campaign complete with a dynamic story arc. Expect multiple objectives, epic firefights, exciting twists and complete immersion in the battlefield.

Reach Elite Forces is a community of gamers through and through and although we are here to play ARMA 3, that doesn't stop us jumping into other games and having a blast together on the other nights of the week. Sign up now to experience ARMA 3 the way it was designed to be played.

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